Mayer Hawthorne

For All Time Lenticular Cover Vinyl

For All Time Lenticular Cover Vinyl

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Mayer Hawthorne’s fifth studio album, For All Time, is the full length that goes the full length. Mayer delves deep into the depths of the human heart, exploring the complexities of love and the raw emotions that accompany it. It's a seductive blend of dark, sexy vibes that will transport you straight into a smoky, art deco jazz club.

This limited edition variant features a cover with a kaleidoscope effect as you move side to side & is exclusive to the Mayer Hawthorne web store & (maybe) tour

DISCLAIMER: Due to the manufacturing process of the vinyl, the pattern on each piece will be unique and may not look as pictured.


  1. Hawthorne Rides Again
  2. Without You
  3. Physical Touch
  4. For All Time
  5. Cream Interior
  6. The Pool
  7. Deeper Vibrations
  8. Tell Me
  9. Sweet Temptation Woman
  10. Deuce and a Quarter
  11. On The Floor
  12. Standby

    Bonus Track:

  13. Eyes of Love
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